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Community Colleges

Higher education is becoming more and more expensive. Students can spend thousands of dollars on college tuition. Loans are becoming a necessity for many college students. For a less expensive option some are turning to community colleges. A community college is a smaller college that usually offers specialized programs. Typically community colleges have associate degree programs and certificate programs. Community colleges can be stepping stones for larger universities. Many students choose a community college to earn their general credits and get an associate degree, then attend a larger college or university to finish their bachelor’s degree.

Some of the specialized programs offered at community colleges are:

1) Information technology—computer training and the technology industry is always seeking well-trained individuals to work at their companies.
2) Business programs—from business management and marketing to accounting, these programs are a great introduction to the wonderful world of business in the United State and abroad. Many employer send employees to get valuable training at the community colleges.
3) The healthcare industry will use the community college for employees who need refresher classes or specific training. They have medical assistance programs, CNA certifications and phlebotomy classes.
4) Construction management and trade certificates.

Community colleges have different specialty programs and classes that are sure to fit the needs of many students. These programs are designed to provide extensive training in short period of time so people can enter the workforce and start earning money.

There are several advantages to attending a community college including:

· Price—tuition tends to be less expensive
· Size—they typically have smaller class sizes and their campuses are smaller
· Enrollment—most community colleges accept any student who wants to learn no matter what their previous educational experience was like.
· Funding and financial aid—most community colleges get funding from the state and they have specialized programs for those who need financial assistance. Welfare programs are usually associated with community colleges.

Community Colleges are designed to help students develop a skill and get them ready to earn a living in “the real world.” Although students attend community colleges for a variety of reasons these colleges are a great alternative to more expensive trade schools and privately owned specialty schools.


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